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Announcement Expat Telex Visa Indonesia Unofficial Translation

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It is unofficial English translation concerning Expat Telex Visa in Indonesia



Herewith, we inform the user of expat employee that in relation with visa wire agreement for work (TA.01), especially for the user of expat employee, which has certain business sectors, namely: service, trading and consultant, about the following matters:

  1. The business sectors , which are mentioned above, generally do not absorb job opportunity for Indonesian employee;
  2. The job positions which open for expat employees for the above mentioned business sectors based on Decree of Minister of Manpower No 464 Year 2012 (*), are advisors, such as marketing advisor, quality control advisor, and so on, and then recommendation of work visa via telex (TA.01) is given to them for 6 months period.
  3. Expat employee with the job position of machine installation (installation) or machine maintenance ( maintenance), who holds senior high school, vocational school and Diploma degree with 5 years work experience, will also receive approval recommendation of work visa via telex (TA.01) for 6 months period.
  4. In relation with above matters, expat employee with S1 Degree and more than 5 years relevant experiences will receive the approval recommendation of visa via telex (TA.01) for 12 months period as proposed in application as long as it fulfills the requirements.
  5. The job positions of Director, and Managerial positions ( credible job position to Investor) are still given for 12 months period as long as they fulfill the requirements.


Thank you for your attention.

Jakarta, January 13, 2015

Directory of Expat Employee Use Control


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